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The Connection Between Snoring and Sleep Apnea in New Braunfels

December 4, 2018

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Man with trouble sleeping.Do you have trouble sleeping? Has your significant other or a family member told you that you snore? Surprisingly, there’s a connection between snoring and sleep apnea in New Braunfels. Loud snoring and daily sleepiness are typically the most common signs of sleep apnea. Keep reading to learn what sleep apnea is and how your snoring may be connected to your sleeping disorder from a trusted dentist.

Connection Between Headaches and Sleep Apnea in New Braunfels

November 30, 2018

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woman with headacheDo you often wake in the morning with a headache? You may attribute it to tossing and turning at night, stress, or maybe even a sinus issue; however, the problem might be more severe. Reoccurring headaches are often a sign of a disorder called sleep apnea. It causes you to stop breathing frequently throughout the night. The decreased oxygen levels produce an array of symptoms, including morning headaches. If you cannot eliminate them using other solutions, like decongestants, it is time to see your dentist for sleep apnea in New Braunfels.

Regular Vs. Mini Dental Implants in New Braunfels: Which Is Right for You?

November 13, 2018

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properly placed dental implantThe interest in dental implants in New Braunfels is growing by the day as more and more people learn about this breakthrough form of oral therapy. But regular implants are best suited to people with sufficient amounts of strong, healthy bone in their jaw and facial structure. One alternative is to opt for mini-implants, which require less underlying support. Are they a better option? Let’s consider this question.


How to Keep Your Dental Implants in New Braunfels Healthy

September 19, 2018

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Woman suffering from tooth ache

Dental implants in New Braunfels offer a chance at full restoration of your missing teeth and a better life overall. But implants by themselves aren’t enough. Enjoying lasting oral health requires all of us to practice good dental care habits. This in turn means knowing what factors can put you at special risk for tooth and gum disease. Let’s look at some.


Your Dentist in New Braunfels Says Brush Your Teeth the Right Way!

July 6, 2018

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woman smiling while brushing her teethIs brushing your teeth an important part of maintaining a healthy oral cavity? It certainly is, but your dentist in New Braunfels says it has to be done correctly to get the full benefits. How do you accomplish that? As you read on, you’ll learn some simple adjustments that can be made to ensure your teeth are as clean as possible and prevent the problems that can arise from poor oral hygiene.


3 Tips to Care for Dental Implants in New Braunfels

June 12, 2018

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dental implantsNow that you have made the choice to replace your missing teeth with dental implants in New Braunfels, it is time to protect your investment. With the right aftercare, you benefit from a tooth replacement option that has over a 95% success rate. They have the potential to last for a lifetime. To ensure that your new smile lasts, there are three simple tips to use to maintain their long-term viability.

Tips for a Stress-Free Recovery after the Placement of Dental Implants in New Braunfels

May 21, 2018

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Have you made the choice to replace your missing teeth with dental implants in New Braunfels? You are making an excellent investment in your oral health. You will be joining more than 500,000 people this year who are choosing the only tooth replacement option with over a 95% success rate. To complete your smile, you will need to undergo a surgery to place the implant posts. To help promote the recovery process, there are some simple tips to follow to help you heal.

Learn How to Treat Sleep Apnea in New Braunfels!

April 10, 2018

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woman sleepingWhen you sleep, do you feel well rested in the morning? No matter how much sleep you get, you don’t feel like you’ve had enough. Sometimes, you even wake up with a horribly dry mouth.

Unfortunately, these are all signs of sleep apnea in New Braunfels. Thankfully though, your local dentist not only can help you discover if this is the true cause of your sleeping problems, but your local dental practice can also help you find the best treatment options for you. Learn more about sleep apnea and how to remedy this disorder in this week’s blog post.


Am I Suffering from Sleep Apnea in New Braunfels?

April 1, 2018

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woman sleepingAre you always feeling tired no matter how early you go to bed? Is your snoring causing your partner to despise you in the morning because they couldn’t get enough rest? You might just have a sleeping disorder known as sleep apnea in Topeka.

This is no condition to ignore, either. Sleep apnea could have deadly consequences if the signs and symptoms are ignored. Learn more about sleep apnea, it’s effects, and treatment here in this week’s blog post.


Have You Heard of Modern Clear Braces in New Braunfels?

February 20, 2018

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clear bracesHave you wanted to straighten your teeth, but just can’t picture yourself walking around with embarrassing metal brackets and wires on your teeth? Having crooked or misaligned teeth is already embarrassing enough—you shouldn’t want to hide your smile while you undergo your orthodontic treatment as well.

Learn more about ClearCorrect, a new type of clear braces in New Braunfels that doesn’t even use brackets or wires! Keep reading to get all the information you need on this modern orthodontic treatment.


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