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If you are missing teeth or have teeth that need to be extracted, one option for replacing them is dental implants. Dr. David Earnest offers both placement of dental implants and dental implant restoration to lead you through the entire process right here at Comal Dental in New Braunfels, Texas.

Dental implants are inserted into the jaw bone. These posts are made from a titanium alloy, which is strong and biocompatible. Once the surgical placement is complete, these titanium alloy implants can bond with the bone, becoming integrated and providing a strong foundation for replacement teeth. If you come to us with insufficient bone structure for supporting dental implants (because when you lose a tooth, the jaw bone will begin to deteriorate), we can recommend a bone grafting procedure to prepare you for implant placement.

Once the surgical placement and healing processes are complete, Dr. Earnest will have crafted single dental implant restorations or an implant-supported bridge to be attached to the dental implants and replace the missing teeth. We go to great lengths to make sure that the dental implant restorations we create for you are beautiful, strong, and durable.

A good candidate for dental implants has good bone density, doesn’t smoke or drink, and takes great care of his or her oral health. However, there are options for those with damaged bone. Contact Comal Dental in New Braunfels, TX to discuss dental implants or other tooth replacement options. Located south of San Marcos, our office sees patients from Northcliff, Seguin, and surrounding communities.

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