Frequently Asked Dental Questions – New Braunfels, TX

Get All of Your Dental Questions Answered!

Do you have questions about dental implants, fear or anxiety before a treatment, or any other dental-related concern? Our team is here to provide you with the answers you need to make quality choices for your oral health. If you don’t find what you’re looking for below, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

Who is a good candidate for dental implants?

Most patients can tolerate dental implants. Some, however, will require bone or gum grafting prior to the placement of the implants. The ideal candidate is someone with good oral health and adequate bone who doesn’t smoke or drink. You can find out more about dental implants by calling our office.

I avoid the dentist because of anxiety—can you help?

One of the things we like to focus on at Comal Dental is helping anxious patients overcome their fears of the dentist. Why is this so important? When you’re afraid of the dental office, you don’t go – and if you don’t go, your oral health will suffer. There’s no need to be embarrassed; this is a common problem, and that’s why we offer sedation dentistry to New Braunfels and surrounding communities. We offer both nitrous oxide and oral sedation to give you options and meet your needs.

I’ve been missing teeth for awhile. Could I still get dental implants?

It’s not uncommon for patients to wait to replace their missing teeth for a variety of reasons, like anxiety about going to the dentist or even financial concerns about being able to afford treatment.

Over time, your jawbone can deteriorate due to the lack of stimulation from the roots of your teeth that were once present. This can present a challenge when it comes to securing the implants into your jawbone. Because of this, we may recommend that you receive a bone graft before your surgery to ensure the success of the procedure. This process isn’t uncommon, especially for those who have been using traditional prosthetics like dentures or those who haven’t replaced their missing teeth for a year or more.

Do you have any additional training or education in dental implant treatment?

Dr. Aaron Haag is our resident implant expert. He has completed a whole year of training in dental implant treatment and is currently working on his fellowship status with the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, which requires him to complete both an oral and written examination evaluated by a board of peers. Both Drs. Haag and Hansen have also completed several courses at the prestigious Kois Center, which is a well-known continuing education program for dentists and specialists.

I grind and clench my teeth at night. Do you offer treatment for that?

Nightly grinding and clenching, also referred to as bruxism, can put your teeth at risk of breaking or becoming ground-down, compromising your oral health. We offer in-house, 3D printed nightguards that can act as a cushion between your teeth as you sleep, protecting your dental structure and jaw joints.

Are traditional crowns better quality than CEREC one-visit crowns?

Many patients feel that there has to be a “catch” with CEREC one-visit crowns because they’re so convenient, but the truth is that there isn’t! CEREC technology allows our team to cut out the dental laboratory and craft your restoration in-house using advanced digital impressions and a high-tech chairside milling device. It’s excellent for emergency patients and those who have undergone procedures like root canal therapy, because you won’t have to schedule a separate visit to have your crown placed.

In short, CEREC crowns are crafted with precision and the highest quality of materials, making them comparable in every way to traditional dental crowns.