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Q) Why are dental checkups recommended every six months?

You may feel like your teeth and gums are in tip top shape. But even if you brush and floss as recommended and take excellent overall are of your oral health, it’s still recommended that you visit Comal Dental every six months for a dental checkup. Why? Because even those with great hygiene habits can develop cavities, gum disease, oral cancer, and other dental health problems. We’ll use a variety of dental diagnostic tools and our experience and skill to determine if you need treatment to protect your smile from developing issues, and we’ll remove the hardened plaque known as tartar to prevent this buildup from causing problems.

Q) Do I have to floss every day? Is it really that important?

Yes! Flossing is essential to optimal oral health. Even patients who brush twice a day like clockwork will generally develop gum disease if they don’t floss, and gum disease is a very serious oral health problem. Curious about the best flossing technique? Ask us at your next appointment at our New Braunfels dental office!

Q) Who makes a good candidate for dental implants?

Most patients can tolerate dental implants. Some, however, will require bone or gum grafting prior to the placement of the implants. The ideal candidate is someone with good oral health and adequate bone who doesn’t smoke or drink. You can find out more about dental implants by calling our office.

Q) I avoid dental visits because of anxiety. Can you help?

One of the things we like to focus on at Comal Dental is helping anxious patients overcome their fears of the dentist. Why is this so important? When you’re afraid of the dental office, you don’t go – and if you don’t go, your oral health will suffer. There’s no need to be embarrassed; this is a common problem, and that’s why we offer sedation dentistry to New Braunfels and surrounding communities. We offer both nitrous oxide and oral sedation to give you options and meet your needs.

Q) How long is a new patient visit? What will happen?

Your first appointment at Comal Dental will usually take about an hour. During this visit, one of our team members will go through your paperwork and discuss with you the reason for your visit. You’ll then visit with the dentist to discuss your medical and dental history. Dr. Earnest will perform a thorough exam of your teeth and soft tissues, and we’ll take X-rays and use intraoral cameras to better survey your mouth. You’ll receive an oral cancer screening. Dr. Earnest will discuss any findings, answer questions, and make treatment recommendations as needed.

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